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Last Update: 9/4/2012 3:53 PM
9/4/2012 3:53 PM
Only when a large number of feuteras are finished. We don't care about anyone having access to new feuteras or bugfixes, we only want large updates, none of this small (yet helpful) stuff!Well that was a pretty leading option Here are my thoughts:Yes, I know I can check the changelog, but if I don't check it every time I see the orange dot, I don't know if I'm being asked to upgrade for the same minor feature I decided to ignore yesterday, or whether there's a brand new mega-important security release. So I have to go read the changelog, and tbh, it's quicker to upgrade that to read the changelog these days Other people don't know how to read the changelog. Whether they should learn or not, the practical fact is that they don't, and probably won't. It worries me that by them getting notified of updates to AIOSEOP so frequently, it diminishes the importance of updating in their minds. It concerns me that they start to ignore update notifications on a plugin, and end up ignoring update notifications on core.That's why I voted for a few options in the poll: security releases, obviously, and bugfixes. Whenever a major feature is finished. And the one I quoted above, by which I mean, how about bundling a few of the minor updates together so the upgrade requests don't come through quite so often: I think that way, people would be more likely to upgrade straight away.And before I shut up, I should also say thank you so much for this superb plugin: it's absolutely invaluable and I wouldn't be without it. And that's perhaps why those orange dots dancing in front of my eyes bug me so much. I hope I haven't offended you by voting against what's obviously your preference, but I did want to offer an opposing view.
Vote: 153.08371
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